Who are God’s teachers?

A teacher of God is anyone who chooses to be one.

His qualifications consist solely in this; somehow,somewhere he has made a deliberate choice in which he did not see his interests as apart from someone else’s.

Once he has done that, his road is established and his direction is sure. A light has entered the darkness. It may be a single light, but that is enough.

He has entered an agreement with God even if he does not yet believe in Him. He has become a bringer of salvation.

He has become a teacher of God.

Meet the Teachers who will participate in the Festival!

Andreas Proehl

As an atheist Andreas found the voice of his brother Jesus within himself. Since then his commitment to His timeless message has been the driving force to use his world in a completely new way. Andreas teaches the Course daily and organizes festivals, workshops and retreats.

 Topic of the Lecture:

Becoming single-eyed

 Topic of the Workshop:

Meet your true Love: Honest, open, and naked

 “One in the Heart ” means to me to drop my defenses, welcoming my inner transformation and awakening. All the necessary help is available, and I accept it. The help, the love, myself, is all His Work. My commitment is to welcome you, as He welcomes you.

Andrea Hanheide

I was introduced to A Course in Miracles in August 2008.

Learning that we are presently in the love of God, my suffering lies in the error of my identification with the past and my ideas about myself, profoundly changed the perception of my being here.

“Forgiveness is the healing of the perception of separation” (ACIM)

I have been giving seminars since 2012, mainly in German-speaking countries.

My spirit is transformed through communion and remembrance with the Holy Spirit, and I experience myself and everyone else ever deeper in innocence, free, loving and born again in every moment.

For me it is the greatest joy when we remember together who we really are.

Topic of the Lecture:

Letting the Holy Relationship happen

Topic of the Workshop:

Accepting the Will of God

In your heart the Heart of GOD is laid.(ACIM)

Together we remember how loved we are in the Presence of God.

Nothing we dream of in time and space has the power to change our true being. We are one in the Heart of God and find ourselves again in this Love.

Afroditi Anagnostopoulou

In this dream of my awakening on earth, from a young age I “knew” that Healing and Health on all levels was a necessity for me. When the Course in Miracles found me, I felt deep within me – in an instant – that the answer and the solution I was looking for had been given to me and was and still is here.

In infinite gratitude I continue to receive and share God’s Gifts of Health and Happiness with my brothers and sisters individually- in groups and collectively!

 My Brother! Thank you for who You are. Together we remember that the Son of our beloved Father is still DIVINE and truly LOVED! I honor You and I love You!

 Topic of the Lecture:

The Universal Call – Conclusion: The Son of God is Innocent and in His Innocence lies His salvation.

 Topic of the Workshop:

We stand together again, as witnesses to the conclusion: The Son of God is INNOCENT!

 One in the Heart means to me, Grace – Relationship – Union – Gratitude – Strength – Joy – Beauty – Light!

Anna Papanikolaou

My personal spiritual journey guided by ACIM began in 2007. Since then every day has been but an adventure of self-knowledge and transformation of consciousness.

At times through joy and at times through challenges, the journey never ceases to be exciting, while the end is certain as per Jesus’ statement: “Holy are You, Eternal, Free, and Whole, at peace forever in the Heart of God.” (M-15.1.11-12)

Topic of the Lecture:

The forgiveness process: 3 steps.

What does “One in the Heart” mean to me? In the heart lies the center of our spiritual existence, where forgiveness takes place and where the Voice for God is clearly heard. The heart can not be deceived. It knows that we are all one, because the heart sees through Christ’s vision. In our heart the Heart of God lies.W197

As far as we find ourselves in the dream, we need the miracle to establish this reality in our awareness, when we forget.

Antonio Cordeiro

ACIM student from 2009. Participates since 2014 in programs of the Living Miracles Community of David Hoffmeister, now in AI and Gamification projects. He is collaborating with the Foundation for Inner Peace to adapt and publish the European Portuguese ACIM version. Coach, Enneagram Accredited Professional and co-author of several books.

 Topic of the Lecture:

Welcome, body pains and symptoms!

 Topic of the Workshop:

Is the Holy Spirit using Artificial Intelligence?

 One in the Heart means to me the recognition of the loving Unity that exists beyond the perceived differences in this world. We are all interconnected in sharing a common mind, the mind of Christ in the eternal love of the Father.

Daphne  Miedziarek

 A Course in Miracles found me about 20 years ago. The transforming message of Jesus turned me towards an awareness of Love and Light. I have been blessed with an out-of-time experience and I am spreading this light on earth now. I give the healing experience and love of Christ wherever I am sent by the inner voice. In Poland, we opened our house in Poznań and we conduct intensive cyclical meetings with the brothers. I am fully aware of the guidance and presence of the Holy Spirit in the Plan of God. It is a great joy to be able to share these gifts with our brothers in Greece.


Topic of the Lecture:

“What is my function on earth and how to achieve happiness?”


“One in the heart” means to me that we have one single Source of the reality of Love. We have to remember that, and that is the only real goal. I am one with God and with every living being. There is one Love and it is in everyone.

Gestna Maria Dunker

Gestna Maria Dunker is co-founder of the German Aleph Akademie e.V. An online academy with daily sessions with various teachers and speakers for the teaching of A Course in Miracles.

 Topic of the Lecture:

The only relationship

 Topic of the Workshop:

 Heart Connection

 There’s a connection between us, older than anything else in the world. This is what we want to see again.

Hubert Schlaucher

I, Hubert Schlaucher, have devoted the last 24 years to teaching God in countries such as Austria, Germany, the USA and Mexico. In this joyful task, I have experienced a lot of healing in myself and others. I have traveled from city to city and have also co-founded such course centers.

I see my task in sharing the good news of the course. My favorite lesson is “God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.” This experience of perfect happiness is my lifeblood and motivation to train my mind with the loving lessons of the course. And I feel my gratitude for it in my heart and I want to share it with you.

Topic of the lecture:

“SELF love and the joy of LIFE.”  

 Topic of the workshop:

“The invitation to a MIRACLE.”

 One in the Heart means to me that we are coming together in the Heart of God as one son in one mind.


ΚironJ joins with ACIM students and offers support in many forms, always with an experiential approach and deep appreciation for this teaching’s power to show us how to heal our minds.

Home – ACIM Experience – kironj.com

Topic of the lecture:

Love remains beyond our every fear.

 Topic of the workshop:

What do you ask for in your heart?

 ACIM teaches there is only Love and only One. This tells me Love is beyond duality and so beyond the human heart. We are One and we are Love in the Heart of God.

Kornelia Nikoleri

For Kornelia, the Course in Miracles miraculously showed up and worked as a life vest. She immediately and very soon accepted and had the experience of transformation in her mind and life. Since then she has dedicated herself to expanding the light and transformative power of miracle that this teaching offers through personal sessions, in groups, organizing seminars and the ACIM Festival in Greece.

Topic of the Lecture:

Landing in the heart.

 Topic of the Workshop:

It’s finally you!

 “One in the Heart” for me is the purpose of this festival. In this sacred meeting of all brothers and sisters we come together, letting-go every judgment, every defense and allow to join and experience beyond fear and separation, in the frequency of light, our true single Identity. The knowledge that the experience of the One brings lies in the heart.

María Santos

I work with movement and breathing as a means of prevention and self-healing. The Neurodanza program is a way for each person to find the truth within himself and improve his communication with other people and with himself.

I offer Neurodanza methodology, Buteyko Breathing sessions and Women’s circles in Spain, Germany and Greece.

 Topic of the Workshop:

The power and joy are within me.

 The original structure and original cause of the existence of all people has a beginning. It is the Spirit who guides us and expresses itself through the soul.

And ultimately it is the heart that on a human level expresses the values of Life itself. One is the beginning and we are one in the heart. When we manage to live it, our personal lives are transformed. This is what we call a miracle.

Nikos Koliousis

Everything comes and goes, everything is temporary. Between this ‘coming and going’, the moment bounces, the source of creation.

As an observer of this constant movement, Nikos collects sounds, makes musical instruments, produces music and soundscapes using acoustic and electronic instruments, voices, natural sounds, combining them to create magical and ethereal atmospheres.

 Topic of the Workshop:

From Noise to Harmony.

 The Complete Acceptance of Self > Wholeness > One in the heart.

Paul and Jane Goudsmit

Inspirational Communication Unlimited (ICU) founders Paul Goudsmit and Jane Tipping have been students and teachers of A Course in Miracles for close to 30 years. Their motto: Walking the talk.

They are known for their ability to provide practical experiences that bring the work of the ΑCIM home to our hearts as well as their warm humanity, authenticity and humor.

Topic of the Lecture:

I want to look twice at you, until I see the Christ in you.

Seeing the innocence in self and other.

 Topic of the Workshop:

I want to look twice at you until I see the Christ in you

 Love is a verb not a noun. «One in the heart» for us means choosing to see love in all that there is.

Rania Chatzitheodorou

The Course for me is a one way path. I have no doubt that it is the end of this  spiritual journey. It came in my life and has never gone away. I feel a deep connection with what God created within me. I share this gift with so much joy in the groups of  “DIVE INTO THE MIRACLE”,  in order to extend the understanding and the experience of the Course. Every day I become more and more a follower.

Topic of the Lecture:

“I discover the hidden miracles”

 Topic of the Workshop:

“The game of the Hidden Treasure”

 “One in the Heart ” means to me to always make space. To accept the parts that walk with you and the ones that follow. To include and become the example of the tender expression of innocence that Father created within you. To come closer to the truth because only this way satisfies you. To open yourself within the other as one being, one heart, one decision, one power, one sequence of the Sonship, a continuum of love.

Sonja Simon

Sonja lives and works in Germany, has a background in bodywork and applies the truth of ACIM on what she finds in her mind and under her hands.

 Topic of the Lecture:

Who walks with me?

 Topic of the Workshop:

Come closer

 One in the Heart means to me that we are one, and the heart is the door to that awareness.

Tadeusz Miedziarek

My transformation of mind consciousness began in the early 2000s. I started studying the Course a decade later. After 2 years, I studied at a full-time academy in Wisconsin Dells for about a year. There I received the grace of the experience of communication with God. My only spiritual teacher is Jesus. It is He who accompanies me in my transformation. It is through His guidance that I experience many healings and increasing communication with the Holy Spirit. I recently experienced the death of my body after an unfortunate accident. Then I discovered the power of prayer when I made a life decision. My present life is pledged to serve God and every brother. I am still studying the Course and doing the daily lessons.

 Topic of the Workshop:

I trust my brothers who are one with me.

 «One in the Heart” means to me that we are just one Son of God in One Divine Heart. Here there is no separation, everything is as God created them. My identity is still the same.

Tamara Gigolashvili 

(representing Georgia, Belarus and Germany )

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means “to yoke” or “join” in union with our brothers and communion with God. Yoga offers a spiritual practice, in which we reconnect with God’s Mind for the purpose of healing.

With A Course in Miracles we use the body as a learning and communication device under the direction of the Holy Spirit. And because ACIM provides a mind-training, the course can be often over-intellectualized, and students start ignoring their bodies earlier than they are really ready to. This can be challenging, since the body “stores” the blockages against God’s Love, and it often demands healing from traumas and diseases, which were made in separation previously. Yoga asanas allow to access parts of the body, which are sick or separated from the rest. We will reestablish energy flow into these specific areas by allowing God’s healing Power to “move through the body”.

One in the heart means for me – “GOD IS. I AM. WE ARE”