“Praised be the light and man’s first rock-carved prayer”, Odysseus Elytis

This light comes directly from the Source which created it.
The sacred light of Greece, the eternal sacred fire, comes to unite with the holy light of Jesus, on a journey of remembrance that within me inhabits the Self of truth and love.

We will meet in a place that gave birth to the light of the Spirit, to strengthen the sacred eternal flame, in a celebration of joy and creation.
This new, ancient light comes forward and guides us out of time where everything is transformed into purification, a triumph of life and certainty, where all pain vanishes.

Do you feel the call of your inner voice?

Do you feel the truth responding to this call and returning where it meets its Self?

This festival is an experience in the world of miracles and reality.

The miracles are visible in the light and we are all entitled to them.

The miracles reflect eternal love, and this memory releases us from all the mistakes we made, leading us to innocence that is our natural state of mind.

Asking for a miracle means that I only ask for what really belongs to me. Joy and peace are my inheritance and everything I really want. And that which I ask for is what I receive.

Have you realized that our function in this life is to be light beings of love and kindness? And that through the acceptance of this function the whole world changes? It is the recognition of this power given to us that starts the transformation in your mind. This is how this world of violence and abuse becomes a world of reconciliation and compassion.

At the Miracle Festival you will experience awakening through forgiveness.

At the Course in Miracles Festival you will join people who are committed to a common goal of opening the heart to the light of serenity, in an environment of natural beauty and tranquility.

I see you my brother, I recognize you and I love you.

It is the time to listen to the call of will for life and happiness. It is time to return home, in the deep core of your heart. In gratitude, humility, blessings and courage to embrace and accept what you truly are.

God has not forgotten you, he has not left you, he has not denied you. He loves you exactly as you are without wanting to change you. His will for you is to be happy, ONLY happy. Do not allow anything to deprive you of this experience of love.

You are welcomed!!!

Is it time for miracles?
Is it enough with what you have learned about how relationships should be?
Do you feel that you are here to love and be loved?
Is the attack and the meaning of sacrifice still attractive?
Do you feel a call, a message from the deep core of your heart?
Tired of not being honest with your truth?
Do you recognize that love only knows how to give? Just expanding?

When you are not happy then you experience something, you are not.

Joy is not shared by some leaving the rest out.
It is not a matter of luck but of a clear, conscious choice.
Welcome to the kind-hearted essence of your soul.

You have not lost your innocence.
It is for this you yearn.
This is your heart’s desire.
This is the voice you hear and this is the call which cannot be denied. The holy Child remains with you.
His home is yours.

Today He gives you His defenselessness, and you accept it in exchange for all the toys of battle you have made.
And now the way is open and the journey has an end in sight at last.
Be still an instant and go home with Him, and be at peace a while.

NOW is the right time to celebrate Love.

Will you come and join us?
Only TOGETHER we can thrive.

When we have a purpose, everything is automatically directed to support this purpose.